Don Davis is a transformative leader, passionate visionary, strategic thinker, and relationship builder. Recognized for his ability to connect with players, management, and media, along with an array of internal and external stakeholders, Don adheres to the principles of cultivating organizational growth while executing strategic imperatives.

Result-oriented, Don is intentional in embracing inclusivity and ensuring all voices are heard and valued when creating policies, implementing programs, and evaluating effectiveness. Don is responsible for leading and overseeing the management of player labor relations as the Senior Director of Player Affairs and Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the union that governs the 2,400 professional football players of the NFL. He is a crucial resource for galvanizing union membership and involvement. Don is nationally recognized as a motivational speaker, a trusted thought leader, and an expert on collective bargaining.

His expertise in developing union education curricula, membership engagement models, and accelerating
negotiation strategies for player leadership is highly regarded across the global community of professional athletes. He successfully transformed the union’s player-
facing operations, as Don matriculated seamlessly from an 11-year career as a professional football player to his
current executive role.

As co-chair of the Mackey-White Committee, the union’s health and safety policy committee, Don leads the scientific information and advancement of player welfare and long- term health. Don’s professional journey includes being a lead negotiator and member services executive. His service to the athletic community is witnessed by his past executive leadership of Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO) as Director of NFL Programs. In this capacity, his role supported a national ministry for professional athletes focused on balancing football, family, finances, and faith.

Don is a widely sought- after speaker and facilitator respected for his ethics, tenacity, and precise business acumen.
A life-long learner, Don earned a doctoral degree in human and organizational leadership from George Washington University Graduate School.
A master’s degree in business administration from George Washington University, and a bachelor of arts in human development from the University Kansas.
A native of Olathe, KS, Don resides with his wife and family in Bradenton, FL.