The culture typically marginalizes fatherhood yet it is God’s idea. Fatherhood should be celebrated!

If you are looking to improve and grow in the area of “fathering” here are several books that would be solid resources for you.

Ten Things Great Dads Do, by Rick Johnson
Family Shepherd,by Voddie Baucham Jr
Fathered by God, by John Eldridge
52 Things  Sons Need from Their Dads, by Jay Payleitner
52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads, by Jay Payleitner



Here is a list of helpful resources to stay on guard.

This Proven Men Study provides a “daily roadmap for real change, and it works because it’s built around biblical truth and Christian brotherhood. You can’t win alone. But all it takes is one man to step up and rally with other proven men to transform lives.” Learn More Here

Covenant Eyes is an Accountability-based service, proven in helping men avoid and overcome addiction.  Their App offers online aid and partnership with a trusted ally. Learn More Here

Pure Desires Ministry Promotes support groups for men and women providing opportunities for both healing and recovery.  They have a lot of free resources as well as links to counseling and events.  Learn More Here

Conquer Series has proven strategies and practical tools to help men walk in freedom, taught through a series of action-packed episodes.  Learn More Here