Ricky Jenkins was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. He trusted Jesus Christ in high school before attending Mississippi College earning a degree in Political Science and a place in the Hall of Fame. He credits his college years as life changing times in which he accepted the call to pastoral ministry where he’s been serving in that role for the last 15 years. After college, Ricky continued to work in ministry with a myriad of churches and community organizations. He’s enjoyed traveling the country preaching God’s word. Ricky also began working for a social justice ministry and organized clergy to amplify the issues of the working poor. As a community organizer, he partnered with hundreds of Oakland Bay Area clergy and led rallies, marches, and vigils on behalf of the disenfranchised poor. After his years in Oakland, Ricky moved to Memphis, TN, to serve as a Campus Pastor for Fellowship Memphis Church. Fellowship is a gospel-centered, multi-ethnic church bringing together people of all backgrounds for the worship of God. Ricky served in Memphis from 2008 to 2013. While in Memphis, Ricky met, pursued, and married his lovely wife April! Ricky and April envision planting a church in his hometown of Jackson, MS, someday. They are currently in Chicago continuing his education. Ricky & April love pouring into other men and women in their discipleship groups, hosting friends and couples that are new to the community, and getting out of the country to serve the nations as often as the Lord allows.

Keynote Title: Stay Here

Description:  In John 15 Jesus challenged his most closest and ardent followers to remember one essential must do for the believer: Abide in Christ. Because when our focus is not Christ’s it’ll usually veer towards unhealthy places. There is no other satisfaction outside of an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ! STAY HERE!

Equipping Seminar Title: Tried & True: Essential Practices for Ministry Leaders

Description: Every team has its issues. And every one of those issues are related to something the leader has missed. There are tried and true, nonnegotiable leadership practices that every leader in ministry must bring to his team. Whether you’re a ministry leader, a pastor, a coach, or just a Dad who wants to give it all he can, make sure what you’re doing in leadership is biblically: Tried & True!