Krissy Nelson: author, speaker, television host and founder of Created for the Impossible. Her TV show airs on multiple television networks worldwide. Krissy has a vision to help people see themselves the way God sees them. Her passion is to speak hope in hearts and life to dry bones! Krissy travels to groups and conferences around the nation longing to see a generation steadfast in their love for Jesus, walking in the impossible “God call” on their life, and slaying giants. The greatest fruit of Krissy’s life is found at home, with her husband and their two treasured children. Visit for more info.


Seminar Title: Slaying the Giant of Fear And Releasing the Roar of Breakthrough!!!

Seminar Description: Fear is a giant that shouts at us from the battle lines of our lives—a giant adorned in seemingly impenetrable armor. But God has given us supernatural weapons that even fear cannot outrun!

Sharing stories from her own life and others’, author and speaker Krissy Nelson uncovers a powerful truth: As children of God we are made to live fearlessly. Concealed within the familiar story of David and Goliath are three supernatural weapons David used to slay the giant of fear. These weapons are hidden in plain sight for us to discover—and also to learn to use, for what God gave David, He also gives us. Nelson dives into Scripture and explores how to position yourself to see fear for what it is: a giant that dares defy the army of the living God.

It is time to run boldly toward freedom. You are equipped for battle, and you are not alone—God will fight for you!