Proven Ministries is a non-profit organization with a mission to see a revival of sexual integrity among the entire Bride of Christ. We want to help men and women find freedom from their sin and passionately pursue Jesus in a personal relationship with Him. We desire to see this transformation and growth to happen within the walls of the local church! It’s all about experiencing the power of the Gospel within our lives and struggles! Heather Cate is the office manager and executive assistant at Proven Ministries. As a single woman and one who was raised in the church, Heather received several subtle messages: Lust is a man’s struggle. She would meet and marry a good Christian man in her early 20’s. Marriage would solve any and all sexual struggles. Experience proved these messages to be wrong, and now Heather is passionate about helping women, whether single or married, both acknowledge and embrace their bodies and natural desires while also submitting themselves to God’s desire for their sexuality. She longs for the day the church addresses this neglected and mistreated so that the body of Christ can move ever closer to sexual freedom, integrity, and love.