Danna Demetre is a long-time conference speaker and author of seven books, Danna describes herself as a continuous “work in progress”. She has weathered many personal challenges and discovered the life-changing power of a renewed mind. She transparently shares all God has taught her in the ups and downs of life and why living a surrendered life to Jesus is the only path with real power and hope. Danna has a diverse professional background – a registered nurse specializing in labor and delivery, corporate marketing manager for a fortune 100 company, fitness professional, lifestyle coach and a talk radio host to name a few. Most recently, Danna and her ministry partner, have created an online community of thousands of women who they encourage and mentor through weekly video blogs, a Christian weight loss support membership called the EAT LIVE THRIVE ACADEMY, private Facebook groups and many other resources for discovering greater health and balance of body, soul, and spirit. Just Google LEAN HEALTHY AGELESS and you’ll discover lots of support for your life journey! Danna and her husband, Lew have four adult children and five grandchildren and live near San Diego, California in a rural ranch-like setting they call “Dono di Dio” (Gift from God).


Seminar Title: EAT – LIVE – THRIVE: Discover Your Best Body & Health

Seminar Description: Are you content with your body and your health? Learn how to shed pounds permanently, enhance your health dramatically, and realize your best body and vitality no matter what your age with the EAT LIVE THRIVE DIET – a biblical approach to realizing lasting lifestyle change inside and out!

Youth Seminar Title: The Body Battle – Learning to nourish and celebrate yourself inside and out

Seminar Description:  frequent thoughts about how you look, your weight, or how you compare to other girls are getting in the way of you enjoying your life – this seminar is for you!

Your presenter, Danna Demetre, started dieting at age 14 and ended up in a full blown eating disorder for many years and more unhappy than ever. Thankfully, she finally learned how to change her habits, eat healthy, lose weight in a healthy way, and to see herself as beautiful even if there were many prettier girls nearby.

In this seminar, Danna will teach you how to change your thinking so you can see yourself as the beautiful girl God created you to be no matter what Instagram says about what is “beautiful”. You will also learn how to nourish your body and even lose weight if needed, in a healthy way that you can maintain forever.

There will be lots of time for questions and answers on all your “body battle” issues.