ISI Details

2020 Men’s Conference Pricing



Early Registration: $58

(1-9 men registered, 10 or more days before the event)

Group Early Registration: $49

(10 or more registered together, 10 or more days before the event)

Standard Registration: $65

(Any registration less than 10 days before the event
Includes Day of Walk Up’s)

Full-time Student: $32

(Ages 13-22 and in school full-time; no exceptions)


Optional Lunch: $8

Schedule of the Day

7:30 AM        Registration and Exhibit Area opens

8:15 AM        Sanctuary Opens

8:30 AM        Conference Begins with Morning Main Session

10:10 AM       Break – Visit Exhibits, Choose Seminar

10:35 AM       Morning Seminar

11:45 AM       Lunch – Exhibits Open

12:20 PM       Optional Praise & Worship Set

12:40 PM       Mid-Day Main Session

1:15PM         Break – Exhibits Open, Choose Seminar

1:35 PM        Afternoon Seminar

2:45 PM        Break – Exhibits Open

3:00 PM        Afternoon Main Session

4:00 PM        Conference Ends

For Men of All Ages

EMERGING MEN (age 13-19)

These are the men who are aggressively moving from living as a boy to living as a man. Give them room to grow.

PIONEERING MEN (age 20-29)

These are the men who are carving out their place in life. What to do? Where to do it? Who to do it with?


These are the men who are the producers and providers. They are warriors and are fully engaged in everything they do.

SEASONED MEN (age 55+)

These are the men who have “been there” and “done that” – and have lived to tell about it. They are a living legacy.